Some news about Luca di Montezemolo – reports say that the Ferrari chairman has indicated his intention to be a candidate for the Italian presidency in 2013, the announcement being made in an open-letter to Italiafutura, a think-tank that he formed in 2009.

“The Second Republic has failed. Politics has been losing touch with the everyday problems of Italians and the challenges of a difficult international situation, but is also full of opportunities,” di Montezemolo said in the letter.

“If there is a country that should not be afraid of globalisation, it is Italy. If only we stop thinking defensively and start to invest resources on our core (culture and industry), benefits will not be long in coming,” he added.

The 64-year-old’s campaign is set to focus on creating employment as well as on issues critical to the country’s future, such as taxation and reform of the institutions. “We will promote the adoption of measures, concrete and operational, to respond to many emergencies in the country. We will begin by presenting a proposal for the rapid sale of public assets and lowering debt,” he said. It remains unknown if di Montezemolo will step down from his position at Ferrari.