We’re here at the Proton Power of 1 event at Bukit Jalil, and there’s plenty to see. We just brought you scenes from the slalom demo featuring the soon to be launched P3-21A, and browsing through the many pavilions led us to this find – the P3-21A’s instrument cluster in its full glory.

The fully lit-up meter panel shows a twin-dial layout, with digital readouts for fuel level and temperature. Below that is a screen showing average fuel consumption – this should be a part of a multi-info display that will also read out range, journey time, instantaneous fuel consumption and so on.

We can also see warning lights for the airbags, ABS and electronic stability control – ESC appears on a Proton for the first time in the P3-21A. The meter panel is of the “always on” type, meaning you don’t have to turn on the headlights for it to come on. There’s a five-step dimming function. We snapped a pic of the spec sheet – full look in the gallery below.

The fonts for the dials are quite sporty, and the red/black/white theme is a tried and tested formula for a sporty, “technical” and legible cluster – Audi, Volkswagen and BMW M are subscribers, and even Ford has it in its little Fiesta. Like what you see?