While Little Schumi Sebastian Vettel is playing engineer with Infiniti, the brand that wants to be Mercedes-Benz, Michael Schumacher proper is jumping head first with the real deal. The pair announced a long-term partnership that will extend far beyond motorsports and Formula 1.

Fresh off his second retirement from the sport (after a disappointing three-year stint with Mercedes GP), Schumacher will be actively involved in the development of Mercedes-Benz road cars, particularly the brand’s future safety and comfort systems called ‘Intelligent Drive’. Part of his duties will be fine-tuning Mercedes’ driver assistance systems.

“During my Formula 1 time I was very often able to rely on the help of all the technologies available to me in the car and use them to my advantage. That is why I am a declared supporter of driving assistance systems both in the racing car and in the road-going car”, said Schumacher of his new undertaking.

Well then. Will we be seeing a hidden ‘Option 13’ feature in future Mercedes cars? That will be quite a nifty trick, having traction control completely ‘off’ but still allowing you to look like a hero in everybody else’s eyes. Or maybe a ‘team order’ button with which you can overtake other Mercs with ease even. Any other suggestions?