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McLaren Automotive has confirmed that it is developing a hardcore track-only version of its already astonishing P1 hybrid supercar. Dubbed the McLaren P1 GTR in a nod to the successful Le Mans-winning F1 GTR racer, the forthcoming new car will be the most powerful car in the company’s history.

Central to that claim is the Bugatti Veyron-rivalling “intended power output” of 1,000 PS (986 hp). This level of performance will be channeled to the tarmac via slick tyres, a wider track and a more aggressive aerodynamic package designed to “optimise performance around a lap”.

Production of the P1 GTR is scheduled to start when the 375-unit run of the “regular” P1 has been completed, and while exact production numbers have yet to be determined, you can bet your bottom dollar that the car will be extremely rare.

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The tentative £1.98 million (RM10.8 million) price tag will include a tailor-made programme for every customer to develop their driving skills. Also in the package are consultations with the McLaren driver fitness team and design director Frank Stephenson, access to a McLaren racing simulator and participation in a minimum of six dedicated events at select Formula 1 circuits across the world.

McLaren, of course, isn’t the only car manufacturer to offer such a programme – Ferrari has long been running its XX programmes as part of Corsa Clienti. The company’s most well-heeled clients have been driving FXXs and 599XXs for a while now, and Maranello has already confirmed that development of a “LaFerrari XX” is underway. Let the battle of the filthy rich commence!