LRT rail pix Bernama

Beginning December 2, 2015, all Prasarana rail services, including the LRT Kelana Jaya Line, LRT Ampang Line and the KL Monorail Line, will follow a new distance-based fares structure. The set of four new fare structures has now been released by Prasarana for your reference here.

Token, cashless (click to enlarge)

As previously reported, a fare differentiation mechanism between cash and cashless modes of payment will be implemented to encourage savings under the new fares structure. This will mean that fares may differ depending on your mode of payment – token, cashless (Touch n Go, MyRapid card), MyRapid Smart7 weekly and MyRapid Smart30 Monthly.

MyRapid7, MyRapid30 (click to enlarge)

Commuters could either pay more or less under the new distance-based fares structure. Fare calculations are based on blocks of decreasing fare per kilometre rates the further a person travels. Prasarana has prepared a few examples of the changes in fares (higher, lower, unchanged) that you can refer to here:

To alleviate the potential fare hike for commuters that still resort to cash payments, the “MyRapid Smart 7 Weekly” and “MyRapid Smart 30 Monthly” cards offer discounts between 18% and 35% from the new cash fares.