Digital mapping and location service provider, Here has revealed its latest product, the HD Live Map at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The company was jointly acquired by three German automakers – Audi AG, BMW Group and Daimler AG back in December of last year, where it remained as an independent and value-creating company.

Touted as the world’s most advanced cloud-based map asset commercially available for vehicles today, Here’s HD Live Map is ready for deployment in connected vehicles in North America and Western Europe. The product, an integrated offering, consists of multiple layers of data delivered in a map-tile format.

It is intended to enhance both Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and automated driving functionality in vehicles. HD Live Map is capable of creating a comprehensive and dynamic representation of the road environment, enabling a vehicle to effectively “see around corners” beyond the reach of its on-board sensors.

The system is said to serve important role in highly automated driving, which is set to become a commonplace feature in cars of the future. Automakers can utilise that full potential of HD Live Map to enhance their respective car’s ADAS functionality such as adaptive cruise control, adaptive headlights and curve speed warnings.

This can be accomplished as the system is capable of collecting data that is subject to high permanency (rarely changing) like lane level information, and data that is subject to quick changes (temporary) such as road construction, traffic and accidents. The system analyses the data along with the car’s own analytics (speed profile, etc.) and informs the vehicle about how to drive based on actual human behaviour data, all in real-time.

Here’s HD Live Map is also the first ever map from the company which is self-maintaining, using the multiple sensors on the vehicle to update its maps in near real-time, reducing the dependency on periodic updates. For instance, if a new lane closure is reported, the map would update to reflect this change, and other vehicles approaching the area can be alerted to switch lanes or re-route.

Here also say that its product won’t sap your data quota too quickly either because any new events that are added to the map will be layered on top, eliminating the need to update the whole map itself. The small file sizes within each live tile make the delivery of data much leaner, thus reducing bandwidth requirements.

With HD Live Map being offered across key regions, Here will be able to support automakers that are looking to widen and deepen their development of automated driving systems. With more and more testbeds, Here expects the continued refinement of HD Live Map together with automakers to ensure it is optimised for their needs be it in the present or the future.