Uber has issued a statement regarding the unique endorsement given to it at today’s Malaysian Budget 2017 announcement. Prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak announced that the government is encouraging the B40 group, especially BR1M recipients, to increase their income by joining ride-sharing app companies such as Uber and Grab.

In his speech, the PM said that the B40 group (bottom 40% earners in Malaysia) could earn up to an additional RM1,500 a month for part-time drivers working between 10 to 40 hours per week, and RM4,300 for those working more than 40 hours per week.

Even more surprising move than the direct endorsement of the ride-sharing service, the government has also announced that BR1M recipients without a car can now purchase a Proton Iriz more easily, with the the downpayment made using BR1M and an additional rebate of RM4,000 to be provided.

In Uber’s statement, the company added it has engaged local carmaker Proton as a partner in this initiative, which is a world-first. Both parties “share the same vision to drive Malaysia forward through technological innovation and creating economic opportunities,” said Leon Foong, general manager of Uber Malaysia.


Read Uber Malaysia’s statement in full below:

We are delighted that the government and prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak have recognised how Uber can positively impact the socioeconomic status of Malaysians in the B40 segment. By providing the choice to earn at the touch of a button to Malaysians from all walks of life, driver-partners can provide for themselves and their families, as well as have greater independence to pursue their dreams.

We are also thrilled to be engaging Proton, the national car manufacturer, as a partner and will make an announcement with more details soon. This is the first of its kind in the world for Uber. Just as Uber has been a key pioneer in the ridesharing industry, Proton has also pioneered the automotive industry in Malaysia. We share the same vision to drive Malaysia forward through technological innovation and creating economic opportunities.

The initiative clearly provides tangible growth and economic empowerment. It is also a clear win for the ridesharing industry and shows forward-thinking leadership. We commend the Malaysian Government for this astute, people-centric Budget!

Wherever we operate, Uber has positively impacted people and cities and we have positively contributed to the local economy. Ridesharing is here to stay and Uber will certainly continue to do our part in improving urban mobility in Malaysia.