The Road Transport Department (JPJ) has announced that it is illegal to install HID lights on vehicles without prior approval from the department.

Even luxury car importers must get approval from JPJ if their cars have HID installed straight from the factory.

How exactly do you get approval and what are the criteria are not mentioned.

HID lights are much brighter than normal lights and it helps the driver alot as visibility is much better. The xenon bulbs also use less energy, generate less heat and have a longer lifespan than halogen bulbs.

RTD technical department director Zahamail Omar cites the following rule as to why HID lights have been made illegal.

Any modifications made by the car owner that can cause accidents, interference or danger to other road users can be penalised under the Motor Vehicle Rules (Construction and Use) 1959

Blame all the people who have HIDs installed but have them intentionally pointed wrongly so that they appear extra bright. If the HID beam are pointed properly it would not blind oncoming drivers and would not cause so-called interference.

Notice the car with the HID lights has the beam pointed low and on the road. Instead of straight and onto incoming traffic. This is a responsible driver who has HID lights.

I travel along the Connaught highway from Mid Valley towards Cheras everyday and there is this long stretch near the Taman Desa bridge without any streetlights at all. As I work till late hours most of the time, when I pass that stretch I am in almost pitch darkness as there are not much other cars on the road so that I could make use of their headlamp light.

I have been thinking of getting HID lights at the end of this month but looks like now I can’t, unless I go through “procedures” to get them approved. Looks like the runners now have an additional source of income.

Source: The Star

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