Bird on fire! It looks as if the Kenari hit the car in front. As for what happened later, you can guess from these photos that were taken by Kakak from the Waja Performance Club.

Something similiar had actually happened to my mother before, but it was not because of an accident. Her 20 year old Nissan Sunny’s wiring had short circuited and the sparks caused the dashboard area to catch fire. Luckily she got out of the car and asked one of the shops along the road for a fire extinguisher.

The car spent two months in the workshop. That was a hard time for my family because it was our only car at that time. Everyone had to take bus or walk.

Look at this photo properly. The brake lights of the Kenari was on. The accident must have caused some wires to short circuit together. With the electricity current from the battery still flowing, it caused sparks and the engine bay caught fire.

The person who took the photographs calls herself Kakak. She explains how she got the photos:

It happened in Bandar Sungai Long at around 4.20am! The crash woke me up!! Darn!!

Then as usual they were bickering as to who was at fault, and suddenly, everybody ran away, and a lady started screaming. That’s when I noticed smoke spewing out from the bonnet. And that’s when I grabbed my camera. And then, slivers of flames licked out from under the slightly crumpled bonnet. And it got bigger and bigger. You’re right in your observation that the head lights, rear lights of the Kenari were were all on. I wonder though whether that could be the cause of it. Electrical short circuit kah?? Dunno. I’m no expert.

But it was scary, really I don’t blame those people for running for cover.

In this WPC forum, I posted a question that even if we have a fire extinguisher in the car, will we be brave enough to pry open the bonnet to attempt to put the fire out before it becomes uncontrollable??

Would it be wiser to just save yourself and claim insurance later (if can claim la).

In all it took seven minutes for the fire to engulf all.

The fuel tank ignited, the fire grew brighter and higher, the petrol cap blew off (I found that out later after the fire had died down that the cap was missing), but there were no loud explosions. Only muffled thuds. Thank God…its never like in the movies…those are all fake..special effects to ensure box office sell outs..hehe

Fire engine (bomba & penyelamat) came but it was too late, although within the hour. Nothing could be saved. They sprayed water into the car just the same, and put out the fire which was still burning at the tyres. Then everybody came out from their hiding holes.