Looks like Karamjit’s plight had reached the cabinet, thanks mostly to Malay Mail’s efforts. Our PM Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi raised the matter of Karamjit Singh’s lack of sponsorship to continue rallying at the cabinet on Wednesday. He asked, “If Karamjit is a Malaysian and has been producing results and bringing honour to the country, why has support not been accorded to him?”

Karamjit was slapped a RM46,000 (10,000 Euro) fine by FIA after he pulled out of the World Rally Championship due to lack of funds to run the races. He also needs RM57,000 to ship his car back from New Zealand. He is currently in the process of finalising the sale of his apartment to pay for the fine and the transport fees if there are no sponsors in the next few days.

Karamjit said he is touched by offers to set up funds to raise money for him to race, but he will not use public or Sports Ministry funds to race as he believes there are enough big corporations in Malaysia who can sponsor him. Otherwise, he will race for another country next year.

Sports Minister Datuk Azalina Othman Said said that the government will do whatever they can to assist. She mentioned there are several possibilities to help Karamjit continue racing and those options are being explored before a decision will be made.

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