The Fiat Sedici marks Fiat’s return to the world of 4X4. It is a compact 4X4, with crossover looks. It’s the official car for the 2006 Turin Winter Olympic Games and was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaros Italdesign company.


You might find the look for the Fiat Sedici a bit familiar. It’s actually the same car as the Suzuki SX4, as the Fiat Sedici and the Suzuki SX4 were the result of a joint development program between Fiat and Suzuki. The word Sedici means 16, which is what you get when you multiple 4X4. Clever huh? It’s somewhat of a crossover, combining the comforts of a saloon with the off-road ability of a 4X4, which is the direction most SUVs are going these days anyway.

It comes with two engine options, a variable valve timing 1.6 litre petrol (107hp at 5600rpm, 145Nm torque at 4000rpm) and a 1.9 litre Multijet diesel (120hp at 4000rpm, 280Nm torque at 2050rpm). The car has a 4X4 gearbox with 3 modes, 2WD, AUTO and LOCK. These modes are selectable through buttons on the dashboard. Unlike most 4WD vehicles which power the rear wheels in 2WD mode, the Fiat Sedici is front-wheel drive in 2WD mode. In Auto mode, it runs on front wheel drive by default and channels power to the rear wheels when extra traction is needed. Safety features include Electronic Stability Control, and the usual ABS and EBD. It offers up to 6 airbags, 2 front, 2 side and 2 curtain airbags.