srm13_2.jpgThis should be the last in the series of spyshots for the Proton SRM (Satria Replacement Model). Spyshots for this car have been around since early 2005, with my earliest post containing spyshots dating back to March 29 2005. This was before the Proton Savvy was even launched, so it’s really been quite a while. Hopefully with the extensive testing that seems to have been done, Proton will make a killer with this 2-door hatchback designed to replace the Proton Satria. I am hoping that this time Proton will have some continuity in it’s model names and call it a Satria again. There’s no bad vibes associated with the Satria name, and the Satria GTI was an excellent car. The Proton Satria R3 did the Satria name good as well. So I don’t see why a new model name should be used.

The car in these spyshots seem to be a lower spec model. Notice the lack of a rear windscreen wiper and the usage of normal steel rims with bling bling style rim covers. I guess this should confirm that the Satria Replacement Model will come with the bling bling rims design instead of the black 5-spoke ones we saw on MPH’s spyshots of a Satria Replacement Model with a cardboard intercooler at the bumper. I am guessing this is a 1.3 litre model, which should mean the Satria Replacement Model will be launched with both 1.3 and 1.6 variations at once. The middle exhaust pipe location is still there, and I really like the rear lights. It’s of the crystal reflector variety but doesn’t look horribly Brothers-like like the ones used on the silver special edition Iswara. Pretty nice actually. The whole car looks muscular and sporty. The shape reminds me of the Seat Ibiza. Fortunately this time there are no quirky design elements like the Proton Waja look on the Savvy’s rear hatch, except for the bling bling rims. Of course, that is a matter of personal taste really. And rims can be changed easily. You can’t really see the dashboard properly from these spy pics, but I think they look grey to me.

Rumours are that the SRM will be launched very very soon, it could be even next week. Price range should be around the Gen2’s prices, perhaps slightly less. We’ll see how the car really looks like when it is launched. Especially the interior, since uncamoflaged photos of the SRM exterior were available for quite some time. One thing I can say for sure, it surely looks alot better than the BMW 1-series.