Coming soon, my test drive report of the new second generation E70 BMW X5. Announced by BMW back in August 2006, the new Sports Activity Vehicle now has 7 seats and comes with a whole list of enhancements, most importantly much better interior space. I’ve not driven it yet, but I’ve sat in it as a passenger.

That particular X5 used as a shuttle car for the journalists was the top of the line 4.8 litre model, making 355hp and 475Nm of torque. The rumble of the V8 was pleasant to the ears at low revs, not sure how it feels like at high revs yet as the driver was driving pretty sedatedly, maxing out at about 4,000rpm at most, but you could feel the torque pushing the huge truck along. Can’t wait to see how the engine behaves when you stick it in the D Sport gear position and really floor it – that will come tomorrow.

I will be in Athens, Greece for the media test drive event until Wednesday, so forgive me if I am slow on news updates and approving moderated comments.

For now, check my previous post on the E70 BMW 5 here, which has a list of new features, specs, and lots of videos.

[UPDATE: Read my test drive report on the E70 BMW X5!]

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