small_bmw_logo.jpgI received this in an email a few days ago – an application form for the BMW Driver Training Instructor’s Academy. Basically, BMW Malaysia is recruiting candidates to become BMW Driver Training Instructors for it’s new Malaysian BMW Driver Training program via it’s Instructor Academy. The BMW Driver Training is set to be introduced here in Malaysia from April 2007 onwards.

In 1977, BMW became the first vehicle manufacturer in the world to offer professional driver training.

The aim is to enhance your driving abilities by developing both attitude and skills through a structured range of programmes that include theoretical and practical training, enabling you to respond more effectively in emergency situations and make your everyday driving safer and more rewarding. The training also teaches you to appreciate and understand the limits of technology and driving skills, allowing you to assess and overcome potential hazards.

BMW Driver Training is much more than mastering unexpected situations and honing technical and mental skills, its about the exhilaration of a truly memorable experience.

All participants will have to go through a 3-level course, where only participants who pass each level will be able to proceed to the next. The course focuses on training skills, driving skills, driving physics knowledge, as well as brand values and product awareness. Both classroom theory and practical on the track is involved.

Interested participants will have to commit a certain availability of days, in case they currently hold another job somewhere or are still studying, etc. For more detailed information, please check out the PDF file below.

BMW Driver Training Instructor Academy