Proton says it has managed to position itself in the top three spot in Indonesia’s taxi market, outselling other brands in a taxi market dominated by Toyota and Hyundai. This may be a case of marketing spin here, if the market’s number one and number two is Toyota and Hyundai, this means Proton has slotted itself as number three. Does anyone know who is number four?

Proton’s Proton Wira taxis for the Indonesian market are currently imported as CBU fully assembled models from Proton’s Shah Alam plant. CKD assembly will begin soon. 600 have been delivered so far to taxi operators in Pekan Baru and Jakarta. Proton also has another 1,500 orders at hand. Indonesia’s taxi market is estimated at 22,000 units a year, out of a total industry volume of 300,000 cars.

Proton is also considering CKD assembly of the Proton Savvy and Proton Gen2 if sales go well. Proton has just introduced the two cars into the Indonesian market as it’s passenger car offering. The Wira is for taxi usage only. The Savvy will go for 95 million ruppiah, or roughly RM36,166. The Gen2 will go for 130 million rupiah, which is about RM 49,491 in local currency. Both units are CBU for the moment.

Proton estimates 700 units sold for each of the cars for the first year. PT Proton Edar Indonesia intends to capture 1.7 percent of Indonesia’s passenger car market in the next five years. Proton sales in Indonesia currently ranks at the 16th place, and to gain 1.7% it must enter the top ten.

Bernama’s news report on the launching had a really funny quote in it. 54 year old property consultant Didi Hutapea who bought a Gen2 R3 for his 29 year old wife said, “The Campro engine was developed with input from Lotus. Not everybody knows that it is a prototype for an F1 engine. It also has good suspension and stability. I will promote it to my friends. Definitely.