UPDATE: The Proton Saga will be replaced in January 2008 by the Proton BLM.

Ironically, despite the popular talk of thousands of unsold Protons lying around in stockyards, the recent offer for the Proton Saga for only RM26,999 with special finance packages has received very good response from the public.

Over 10,000 units were booked in less than a month, and there is now a waiting period of about 3 months for delivery. The Saga offer has turned from what people perceived as a move to clear stocks, into a case where production has to be stepped up to meet the demand. This will look good on Proton’s quarterly financial sheet.

It will also help Proton regain market share from Perodua. Think about it, the cheapest Saga represents the same market share amount as an expensive Perdana. If you can push out lots of Sagas where everyone can afford it, your market share will increase. Plus, the people who can only afford cars in this price bracket have already spent their money on this relatively good deal, and will not buy the upcoming Kancil Replacement.