It appears that Jeremy Clarkson’s opinion on the Perodua Kelisa like the one shown in this video have caught the attention of the Parliament.

DAP-Tanjong MP Chow Kon Yeow and BN-Ledang MP Hamim Samuri enquired whether Perodua had taken measures to defend against the negative publicity that Jeremy Clarkson’s review had caused. Senator Datuk Abdul Raman Suliman responded that there has been no negative response or complaints on the Kelisa from UK buyers.

I normally appreciate DAP doing what it has to do as the opposition, that is to oppose and question every move and motive of the reigning party, but this is just silly. Everyone knows Jeremy Clarkson is just doing what he does best, entertaining the audience, and it is only his personal opinion, plus he never talked about the quality of the car, just the manner in which it was built – to be a money factory without passion.

Plus, it must be understood that the Kelisa was given that review in the UK market because the UK car-buying market is not controlled by the NAP, thus many other modern and better specced choices are offered at affordable prices. There’s no need to get so defensive.


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