BMW 1-Series Coupe

We previously saw a series of videos on the BMW 1-Series called the “Have You Seen It?” series, but that’s not the end of interesting videos on the BMW 1-Series from Munich. This series is from the 1tensity website and it focuses on the 1 Coupe instead.

They’re all really short and don’t offer a storyline of any form, but if you generally like the 1-Series especially the 135i Coupe, you’d want to watch it anyway. But the Have You Seen It series are definitely alot better.

Check out the videos after the jump.

Video: BMW 1-Series 1tensity – Chassis

Video: BMW 1-Series 1tensity – Design

Video: BMW 1-Series 1tensity – Efficient Dynamics

Video: BMW 1-Series 1tensity – Engine

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