Tata Nano

The Tata 1 Lakh Car was unveiled recently and it was given the name Tata Nano. We know its small, egg-like and comes with a small two-cylinder engine, but what exactly did Tata do to achieve the now famous “1 Lakh” price?

  • Base 1-lakh model has no radio, power steering, power windows or air conditioning.
  • Instrument panel only has the basics – speedometer, odometer and fuel gauge.
  • Its 12 inch wheels only need 3 lug nuts.
  • Small 12 inch tyres are cheaper because they use less material.
  • The 624cc two-cylinder gasoline engine only has a single balance shaft.
  • Does not pass US emission or safety standards.
  • Bosch’s 35 amp generator is lighter than the usual 40 amp model.
  • Bosch used a motorcycle starter motor.
  • Bosch Value Motronic ECU removes 700 of the Motronic’s 1,000 functions, and the chip and housing itself has been shrinked.
  • ECU sensors are smaller and lighter and fewer – 4 instead of the usual 7 or 8.
  • Throttle position sensor is half its usual size because the pressure plate uses more sensitive material.
  • It looks like a hatch but isn’t a hatch – the rear is welded shut and cannot be opened, this means the engine bay which lies under the rear seats also can only be accessed from inside the car.
  • Drum brakes all-round instead of front discs.
  • The basic 1-lakh model does not even come with a brake booster or servo.
  • Reduced NVH materials, instead sheet metal frequencies were designed to control boom and vibration.
  • Seats have a built in headrest and do not recline.
  • No glovebox.

That’s basically the laydown of what cost-cutting measures Tata have taken to bring the Tata Nano’s price down to slightly more than 1-Lakh. Would you buy the Tata Nano if it was available in Malaysia?

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