Fuel-Wallet GaugeAs previously revealed, Phase 1 of the RM625 fuel subsidy disbursement has been on-going since the 14th of June 2008. This is for people with cars with engine displacements up to 2000cc, trucks up to 2500cc and bikes up to 250cc whose road tax was renewed between the 1st of April 2008 and the 31st of May 2008. Has anyone eligible claimed their RM625 fuel subsidy yet? Please do share your experiences in the comments section of this post.

I have just renewed my road tax via MyEG and they told me I should expect it in my mail tomorrow. Interesting thing is I actually renewed it for half a year only, so I suppose my road tax will expire twice within the subsidy period! (UPDATE: For those who renew for half a year only, you will only be able to claim your subsidy when you renew your NEXT half year.) For those of you like me who qualify for the subsidy but have a road tax renewable from the 1st of this month until the 31st of March next year, you can collect it from the 1st of July 2008 onwards.

There’s no need to hurry as according to Pos Malaysia the deadline to collect it is the 31st of March 2009, but for those with road tax expiring the 31st of March 2009, you’ll have to rush to collect it on the day itself! I think it should be extended for those eligible folks whose road tax expires on the last day of the collection period.

For those collecting the subsidies, you can speed up the process a little by printing out the claim form and filling it at home before you head out to the post office. Just download the form via the link below and fill it up.

Fill in your name, address and phone number under the Penerima section. Now here’s where special instructions are needed.

  • Under the Sender section, fill in your IC and under the Sender’s Address section, write your car registration number.
  • In the table on the right, write the amount of subsidy you are entitled to under the Jumlah section.
  • In the receipt section at the bottom of the form, cancel the Pengirim and write Penerima, and fill up your name.
  • The same goes for the word Pengirim under the MyKad number section.
  • Under MO Amount section, write your car registration number.
  • Then write the amount of subsidy you are entittled to receive under the Total Payment.

You can then queue up. The officer at the counter will ask you to put down your left hand thumbprint above the subsidy amount on the table on the right in the form. The whole process excluding filling up your form should only take about 3 minutes, according to Pos Malaysia. It’s the lining up that will take time.

DOWNLOAD: Subsidy Claim Form
DOWNLOAD: List of Post Offices in Malaysia

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