Rieger Scirocco

Ah, here we have yet another white Volkswagen Scirocco, this time by Rieger. White is a really nice colour for this car but visitors to the Essen show this month might find themselves in the middle of a sea of white Sciroccos that all look somewhat alike. This Rieger version sets itself apart with scissor doors amongst other enhancements.

There’s actually no one set of bodykit for the Rieger Scirocco, individual parts can be customised such as the grille inserts on the left and right of the R8-ish front bumper design shown above- there are up to 3 designs for this. On top of that there are other bumper designs as well.

Look after the jump for a hi-res photo gallery, or take some time to browse some other tuned-up Sciroccos listed in the links below.

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PHOTO GALLERY: Rieger Scirocco
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