Ford Focus EV

The next generation Ford Focus due in 2010 will spawn an electric-only version that will share its platform. This new Focus platform is important for Ford as it will be a global platform, which means the ancient platform American market Focus (shown above) will also be updated. The Ford electric vehicle project has its roots back when its supplier Magna International secretly converted a Focus into an electric car without Ford’s knowledge and surprised them with it. Ford loved the car, and Project M began, a joint venture between Magna and Ford. The new Focus-based electric vehicle which is set to launch in 2011, a year after Chrysler and Nissan unveils their own pure electric vehicles, and after GM launches its Chevrolet Volt extended-range EV.

Unlike EREVs like the Volt which move with an electric motor on pure electric mode but use an on-board internal combustion engine to generate electricity for the electric motor to go further (rather than drive the car directly through a gearbox), the Ford EV will not have a range extender and will be able to go about 160km on a single charge, which Ford says is enough for the average American motorist.