Intense DebateWe are currently testing out a new commenting system on this site, powered by Intense Debate. You can now have the ability to create “threads” out of comments, which is basically a reply feature. Instead of copying and pasting comments for replies like many of us have done previously, now can now simply “Post a Reply” to someone’s comment. A reply will be displayed right after the previous comment and indented so it looks like a reply. Further replies to replies will be further indented, I’m sure you get the drift.

You can also post a regular comment of course. Adding your own avatars should also be easier to do with this new system. You can also “vote” on other people’s comments – this will allow you to vote down pointless or sensitive comments. You can also report defamatory or ISA-magnet comments easily via the report function. Pages with hundreds of comments will now have their comment pagination (split into a few pages) so the comments will be faster to load and easier to navigate/read.

Do you like it or do you prefer the old system?

UPDATE: I see that some of you like it and some of you don’t. I’ll try to solve all of your questions about how the new system works over the next 2-3 days, if its still too uncomfortable then I’ll revert back to the old system. I have replied to some of your complaints in the comments of this post, please check and reply me if you can, I’m trying to work out all the problems.