Fifth Gear, our good old U.K-based auto review television show has got its hands on the most powerful Focus ever, the 2009 Ford Focus RS and host Jason Plato, who also races in the British Touring Car Championships was given the task of bringing out the best, and the worst out of the powerful hot hatch in beautiful but challenging mountainous roads.

The Focus RS with its 300HP inline-5 “Duratec RS” power plant that is also capable of a massive 440Nm of torque received an excellent review overall. Plato also mentioned that the turbo lag which was evident actually helped improve the handling. A front wheel drive car with a 300HP engine should suffer from a great deal of torque steer during hard acceleration, something which was expected with this new RS.

However according to the Fifth Gear host, the slight turbo lag actually helped keep torque steer at bay, especially when exiting a corner with a heavy foot on the accelerator. Anyway I will say no more. Please continue reading to watch the 4 minute 11 second-long review.