Hamann F01

Once I was driving around town and saw an E39 5-Series with a long horizontal strip of LED daytime running lights, one strip on each side of the bumper. I later found out that these long strips of LEDs were available from accessory shops and you could put them on anywhere on the car you want. These horizontal strips of lights have become so popular (by Audi) that even Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche have implemented them. And now it comes to BMW via a namebrand bodykit, thanks to Hamann.

The Hamann bodykit for the F01 and F02 BMW 7-Series features a short strip of daytime running lights integrated into the front bumper. The rest of the bodykit does well to make the car seem more dynamic and aggressive, including a roof spoiler and some mean-looking quad tailpipes with 90mm diameter outlets. The Hamann side skirts are only for the short wheelbase F01.

Hamann F01

The 730d and 740i receive 4 new springs which lower the car’s centre of gravity at the front and rear axles by 40mm each, while the 750i and 750Li gets a set with 2 new springs and an “evening kit” – I’m not entirely sure what that is. Wheels are 22 inchers wrapped with 265/30ZR22 tyres at the front axle and 295/25ZR22 tyres at the rear axle.

Hamann has also thrown in some engine tuning for the 730d. The single turbo alumininum crank turbodiesel engine gets its 245hp power upped by another 45, and Hamann says this is just the first stage.

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