Silver Mustang

Lee Iacocca’s name may pop up more frequently these days in Chrysler-related matters, but it’s clear his heart still lies with the other one-third of the Detroit Three – Ford. Iacocca, designer Michael Leone and California-based coachbuilder Gaffoglio Family Metalcrafters have came up with this Iacocca Silver Mustang, limited to a 45 unit production run.

At first sight you may notice a ilttle difference – this is more than just a kitted up Mustang. Its actually a whole new custom made body installed ontop of the 2010 Mustang chassis. It’s the most obvious from the side profile – the roofline is alot more like a fastback, rather than the 2010 Mustang’s rear section which has a more prominent boot.

Two engine options are available – a 320hp 4.6 litre V8 (up 20 horses from the standard V8 Mustang, let’s not talk about the V6 Mustang), or a supercharged version of the same engine putting out 400 horsepower. The engines are available exclusively with a 5-speed manual for these cars.

And why a Mustang? He was deeply involved in the production of the first Ford Mustang, which was launched in 1964. It so happens that 1964 is also the same year he became president of Ford’s Ford Division (yes it sounds weird, but as opposed to Ford’s other brands) after joining Ford way earlier in 1946.

Look after the jump for more pix of the Iacocca Mustang.

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