Bugatti Bordeaux

Bugatti has teased its upcoming supercar on an invitation card for an exclusive preview event of the new product. From the scanned copy of the card, you can notice two horseshoe-like taillights, along with another vertical taillight that may split the rear windscreen in two.

You can also notice quad-exhaust tailpipes on each side of the car, indicating that it would have lots of power under the hood. However, it is being strongly suggested that the Bordeaux will feature a Veyron-sourced 1001HP 8.0 litre W16 powerhouse, that is also capable of spitting out 1250Nm of torque.

A concept version of the vehicle is expected to be previewed at the upcoming motor show in Frankfurt, that is happening in September. For those who are wondering about the origins of the name and is actually a city in France famous for the wine that comes from that region, Bordeaux wine. A rather suitable name for something upmarket, but please, no jokes about how the name is pronounced! :P