Perodua MPV D46T
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This may look like just another Hari Raya greeting from Perodua at first but for those who are follow the auto industry closely and are expecting something to be launched soon will immediately realise that this is in fact a hidden teaser for the new Perodua MPV!

The Perodua MPV will be based on the Toyota Passo Sette (also known as the Daihatsu Boon Luminas) and has been called the codename Perodua D46T for the development stage. Being engineered from an existing Toyota and Daihatsu model, the only surprise for us usually is the car’s refreshed and Perodua-ised exterior looks but even for that, we already have a rough idea of how it’ll look like thanks to teasers that Perodua have released – the exterior at SMIDEC and the interior at MSAM.

The interior teaser shown in April this year had a cream interior and this colour scheme has been repeated in this teaser image – the seats are done up in cream. There will be a small middle seat between the driver and front passenger but in this teaser image, it has been folded down to use as an armrest, and probably that’s how it should be used as most of the time as there probably won’t be any seatbelt for the front middle chair.

Second row shows all three occupants are buckled up – with the middle occupant wearing a lap belt. It doesn’t look like the third row occupants are wearing any seat belts (though there is most likely going to be seat belts equipped for the third row) and I personally don’t think the rear will be that wide – it must be some kind of optical trick.

Perodua’s head honcho Datuk Syed Hafiz has stated repeatedly to the mainstream media that the new Perodua D46T MPV is positioned mainly as a car with a large boot instead of an MPV (I believe the proper term for that is wagon). They won’t be trying to go head to head against the Exora or other MPVs, or at least that’s what they are saying now in the interviews that you see in the mainstream media every month.

This is quite different from the marketing strategy used by “cousin” UMW Toyota for their Avanza promos – the ads clearly show and promote the advantages of having 7 seats (remember the left behind print ads?). The third row is only meant to be used whenever needed – an admission to its extremely utilitarian looks as shown in the Japanese version photos. But of course marketing may say one thing but consumer purchase decision behaviour could go the other way – “it has seven seats so it must be an MPV?”

These interviews also unveiled a November 2009 launch date. Why so late and not in time for the balik kampung purchases you ask? It could be something to do with the impending NAP announcement – perhaps it is not safe to announce one set of prices and then have to change it a few months later?

If you want to find out more about the new Perodua MPV, you can refer to my past coverage on the subject, especially the coverage on the Toyota/Daihatsu cars as they show the Japanese version in detail including exterior and interior. Selamat Hari Raya! :)

Thanks to Iskandar Hidayat for the pointer!

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