British motorsport and technology specialist, Prodrive, has established a partnership with India’s Opti Engineering to help bring its engineering skills and technologies to the subcontinent. Prodrive, which also has operations in China and Australia, will assist Indian manufacturers who want to own the IP (Intellectual Property) that underpins their cars and to understand those systems to allow in-house development.

Opti Engineering will provide mechanical and electronic design, analysis, supply chain expertise and workshop facilities. The company has working relationships with major automotive companies in the country.

Prodrive has also worked with several local manufacturers. The company’s AMT gearbox for example, has recently been applied to a number of vehicles for the Indian market. Famous for its links to Subaru’s WRC exploits, Prodrive also majors in developing control systems, vehicle dynamics and suspension systems. Remember the Prodrive P2? It was a tool to showcase in house tech such as Active Torque Dynamics (ATD) and ALS anti lag system for turbo cars.

“We help our clients through the challenges of applying unfamiliar technology. Ultimately, they gain technical independence and the insight to adapt each technology to their specific market requirements. Working with Prodrive is a strategy that delivers long-term value for our clients,” said Tony Butcher, Prodrive’s MD.