We were at the Petronas Pit Pulse event for the past two evenings checking out the festivities going on at Jalan Binjai. On Tuesday evening they had an open stage interview with the team’s F1 drivers including Michael Schumacher.

The crowd was of course quite Schumi-crazy. Still plenty of fans after all these years. The weather was quite gloomy, which is a likely preview of how the clouds will like be this race weekend. For those that couldn’t be there, here’s our special video coverage of the interview! :)

And then of course yesterday there was an F1 Street Demo with cars piloted by none other than the team’s F1 drivers themselves! Schumi and Rosberg were driving the F1 cars while Heidfeld was driving a heritage racecar. You also get to see the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG for a brief moment in the video below, engines roaring while coming out of a corner. Schumi is the one with the red helmet of course. The street demo almost got cancelled due to the weather so we were very lucky to be able to catch this footage!

The Petronas Pit Pulse event will be at Jalan Binjai near KLCC all the way until Sunday, the 4th of April 2010 from 10am to 10pm. Read our previous story for a full schedule of artiste performances.

Look after the jump for hi-res photos live from the events.

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