Here is a just released gallery of “behind the scenes” images featuring the BMW Gran Coupe Concept that was unveiled in Beijing last month, where you’ll get to see design sketches of Munich’s four-door coupe and sculptors working on a clay model. The Gran Coupe looks like a reincarnation of the Concept CS, which was shown back in 2007.

Long, wide and low slung, the sleek Gran Coupe is said to preview the next 6-Series (just minus two doors) and provide a Mercedes-Benz CLS rival for BMW. From how good it looks, we don’t see why BMW shouldn’t put this into production. It should be already in the works, judging from how “real” the Gran Coupe looks and Munich’s history of putting the “Concept” tag on near finalised designs.

Previous post and images of the Gran Coupe in the metal is here. Gallery is after the jump.

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