Anything Porsche can do, we can do better. This must be the mindset of Ohio-based Porsche tuner Switzer. While many are still talking about the just released Porsche 911 GT2 RS, Switzer Performance has unveiled a 911 with 911 horsepower. Called the Switzer GT2 R911S, this mad car will drop the GT2 RS, which is the most powerful street legal Porsche of all time.

The R911S is a modification of the company’s P800 GT2 package and has various track centered revisions. Using race fuel, the car delivers over 800 horses at the rear wheels. With such power on tap, driving dynamics is an issue. Thus Switzer has fitted a titanium inverted front-strut and remote-reservoir suspension engineered by the track experts at JRZ, the exact same hardware JRZ uses in the Patron GT3 Cup and Grand-Am Rolex GT series.

Fully customisable damping rates and individually selected springs will further help to fine tune each customers road and track experience, the tuner says. Switzer also offers the R911S Carbon package, a suite of lightweight carbon fibre body panels that sheds weight and lowers the car’s center of gravity “for maximum performance in advanced-level trackday and time-attack sessions.”

Do you really need so much power to have fun? Perhaps this is for wealthy rodeo riders who want to fight their car, not drive it. More images after the jump.

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