Ultimate luxury and class comes with a price tag. A price tag of 1.2 million pounds to be exact. The item it’s attached to is none other than the gorgeous Aston Martin One-77. But for some, money is no object for desires of the heart, which certainly applies to one customer who purchased 10 of these beauties.

Word is that the £12 million customer in question is of Middle Eastern descent. It should be the biggest purchase from a single customer Gaydon has ever received. The 10 units also represent 13% of the One-77’s total production run of 77 cars. Each the cars were customised with different interiors.

The One-77 has plenty of lucky sevens surrounding it – a 7.3-litre engine with 700 bhp and a limited run of 77 units. The most extreme Aston’s top speed is…no not 700, but an impressive 354 km/h. Acceleration to 96 km/h (60 mph) is achieved in 3.5 seconds.

With this latest supermarket sweep, 65 of the 77 cars are already spoken for. So what are you waiting for? To help you decide, click here to see the pics and hear the V12’s howl.