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This is the all new 2011 Suzuki Swift and as you can see a layman would be hard pressed to find the difference between the old and the new car based on a glance at a photo alone.

There’s no doubt that the Swift this new model replaces looks good and it looks like Suzuki has taken a leaf out of BMW MINI’s book here – this new Swift looks like a subtle evolution of the old one just like now the new second generation BMW MINI still looks very much like the generation it replaces.

Under the skin though, wheelbase has grown by as much as 50mm longer, bringing the wheelbase of the new Swift up to 2,430mm. This comes together with an increase of overall length by 90mm. The body is now 5mm wider and 10mm taller. Front and rear track has also been increased by 10mm and 15mm respectively.

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So yes, this is a larger car and not merely a rehash of the old Swift.

The new Swift will be available with a 1.2 litre Dual VVT petrol engine with variable valve timing on both the intake and exhaust, producing an impressive 94 horsepower and 118Nm of torque, of which peak torque kicks in at 4,800rpm.

This petrol engine will be accompanied by a diesel with 1.3 litres of displacement, though no details on the oil burner have been revealed yet.

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Only two exterior photos have been released so far but we have something nice for you. Theophilus Chin has whipped up this quick chop of what a 3-door Suzuki Swift Sport could look like, based on these two photos that Suzuki have released. A 3-door body for this new Swift has been confirmed and both the 3-door and 5-door will be launched in the UK in Autumn this year.

We’re still waiting for Suzuki to released more photos of the car, as the first two photos you see in this post are the only they’ve released so far. You can also expect a new Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire to spawn from this new Swift. The Swift Dzire is a really weird looking sedan version of the Swift for the Indian market.