At first glance this looks like just any other Proton Exora, except for the fact that even after it has been launched for quite some time now Proton found it necessary to put generous amounts of black tape on it. The lower fog lamp area peeks out from the taped up sections and what we can see is the old pre-MC update fog lamps without the chrome.

But the headlamp is very much covered up – there could be some kind of facelift headlamp hiding in there. Or it could simply be an old mule with the headlamps taped up from before and not removed.

This is where it gets interesting. The rear muffler is different. I don’t think there would be any reason to have a new rear muffler installed on a mule, other than to test a completely new powertrain and/or driveline ;)

Big thanks to the photographer Asan Taring for these! They were snapped en route to Malacca. According Asan and his friend, the rear end of this vehicle looked pretty different from a regular Exora. This is all so very mysterious!