It seems like a trend to pimp up big SUVs to look like those in R&B videos. Popular models for conversion are the Porsche Cayenne, Range Rover and Audi Q7. Here, JE Design has come up with a proposal for the latter, which includes styling and performance upgrades. Power from the 3.0-litre diesel engine has been uprated to 285 hp from the standard 233 hp while the torque has increased from 500 Nm to 550 Nm.

These improvements have been achieved with a revised ECU that now propels the 2.3-tonne SUV to the century mark in 8.4 seconds, 0.7 sec down from the previous 9.1 seconds. Top speed is 219 km/h.

The increase in power is complemented by the assertive body kit that gives the Q7 a wide body look. The kit includes a rear bumper extension with square tipped double exhausts on both sides, headlight covers, roof mounted spoiler, flared wheel arches and a new front spoiler.

Apart from a roof mounted spoiler to add downforce, there is also the option of an electronic lowering kit that lowers the Q7 by 35 mm. The big Audi sits on 22-inch graphite-silver alloys covered with ultra-high performance tyres.

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