Kia has announced that it will be unveiling a three seater electric city car concept at the Paris Motor Show this year. No official information has been given about the electric drive train but from the pictures, we can see that it features a 2 + 1 seating layout.

Other notable cars with similar design include the Gordon Murray T25, which has a centred seating position for the driver and two back seats for the passengers. The POP on the other hand, seems to feature a bench-like seat in front, with a single seat at the back. It would be interesting to see how much boot space is left in the small car.

Measuring in at three metres long, the car’s competitor will be the Smart forTwo and the Toyota iQ. Further information will be revealed by the Korean company closer to its debut on the 30th of September. The POP follows Kia’s release of the plug in hybrid Ray concept, in its range of eco-friendly concepts.

More pictures available after the jump.

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