Fresh from being named the Japanese Car of the Year, Honda’s CR-Z has picked up another award, this one being a Best 15 title in Japan’s Good Design Award 2010.

Each year, only 15 projects from five different fields (tagged Society, Living, Work, Network and Human Body) are singled out for the select awards, and the CR-Z, along with Nissan’s Leaf EV, were the two automotive-based recipients this year in the Living category.

The judges described the uncompromising pursuit of aerodynamics of the roof and the flow from the front to the side and quarter panels of the CR-Z as a beautifully finished design, which could redefine the benchmark to determine, as the panel put it, “the attraction of cars.” It’s on this basis that the car has been honoured with a 2010 Best 15 Good Design Award.

This marks the fifth consecutive year that a Honda product has received the Good Design Award Best 15 – previous winning products include the Monpal ML200 four-wheel scooter, the HondaJet, the FCX Clarity hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle and the Insight hybrid.

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