The current Honda CR-V has been with us since 2006, and it’s time for a new generation. The new CR-V in question has been spotted undergoing hot weather testing in Death Valley USA. The scarily named valley in the Mojave Desert is one of the hottest and driest places on earth, and a favourite location for car manufacturers looking to put their cars to test.

These spy shots show dark-coloured mules sporting full front disguise and plenty of black tape around the D-pillar and the rear lights – basically all the areas that make the current car unique. The uncovered side glass area looks similar to today’s CR-V, but previous sightings have shown an upturn on the bottom line to meet the top line, a bit like the Accord Coupe.

Crucially, the rear section looks a little more chunky that the current car – could there be a third row of seats hiding behind? Some in our office also noticed a lower roof line, but this is hard to tell without a control car.

The addition of third row seats is of course just speculation, since the current Nissan X-Trail sports a similar type of growth over the previous model, but remains a five seater. Do you think Honda should go the seven-seater way the CR-V, or keep the current layout?

Reports from the US claim that production of the new CR-V will start in America late this year. View the rest of the spyshots after the jump.

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Spyshots licensed from SB-MEDIEN