Back in June, we posted spyshots of a Proton Exora mule testing a new drivetrain combination – CFE Campro turbocharged engine with CVT gearbox – so we know that such a car is coming, but not when. Proton also tested the same combo with ESP in snow as well. Some clues have now emerged (hat tip to reader Jerry & Mega), and they’re from the UK!

The UK public probably first saw the Proton Exora when an electrified version entered the RAC Future Car Challenge held in London in late 2010, where it managed to travel for about 4 hours on just 2.2 litres of petrol thanks to the majority of the energy probably being provided by the on board batteries.

And then we got an email from reader Dan, sending in some photos of a Proton Exora CPS spotted at the local Proton dealer in Bacton Suffolk.

Earlier this month, Autocar UK had their first drive of the Exora MC, powered by the usual Campro CPS engine. The review wasn’t glowing, which is expected when you take into account their standard of motoring, but the writer still called the Exora “a simple, inoffensive and comfortable MPV, offering plenty of kit and space for seven”. They tested a Malaysian spec car.

The story revealed that the Exora will be Proton UK’s fifth model when it arrives in 2012, and that “the engine will be turbocharged and paired with a CVT ’box instead.” Assuming that this UK launch will happen in Q1 2012, we’re expecting a Malaysian launch before that, which makes the end of this year, or early 2012, a possible time.

The next line of the article read: “A diesel variant will follow in 2014”. Now, isn’t a diesel powered Exora an interesting proposition? No more labouring, just let the torque do the job. And the boost in fuel economy will make it a great people’s MPV. It can’t come soon enough!