Getrag has premiered its 2eDCT600 two-speed powershift transmission in Frankfurt – the gearbox is dedicated to purely electric vehicles and also for plug-in hybrid and range extender vehicles.

The scalable transmission features a new actuator concept, allowing the power to be transferred via overlapping shifting through the disc clutches from one speed to the other without the need of synchronisation or a dog clutch.

It’s designed for a maximum electric motor input torque of 500 Nm with axially parallel and coaxial drive train assemblies, and can optionally be equipped with a limited slip differential. Additonally, an optional parking brake can be operated electrically.

The company says that in comparison to known single-gear electric drives in hybrid or purely electric vehicles, the two-speed approach offers better starting performance and higher maximum speed.

Also showcased in Frankfurt are the 6HDT451 dual-clutch transmission (a hybrid variation of the Powershift 6DCT451) and accompanying DC500 wet dual-clutch. This one, developed for front transverse installations in middle class and upper middle class segment applications, features an integrated electric machine for high-torque mild-hybrid drivetrains, offering up 450 Nm of torque to be transferred. A seven-speed derivative and park-by-wire option will be available.