A CBU shipment of the Kia Optima has been spotted at a port in Port Klang by reader S. Blaze a few days ago. This is good news for Malaysians as it means the Optima should be launching soon. We’ve already seen the Optima being tested by JPJ.

There doesn’t seem to be any indications of the engine though, as we could not find any badging indicating engine size on the rear end – just a sole badge that says Optima. Anthony Lim tried out the 198hp 2.4 liter GDI model in Australia earlier this year, but it seems we won’t be getting that engine because of issues with our petrol quality.

The 2.4 liter GDI model that Anthony drove also featured dual tailpipes while this batch of Optima only sports a single tailpipe. Everything else looks decently specced though – fancy wheels, LED daytime running lights, projector headlamps, and leather seats. The protection on the roof might also be hiding a panoramic sunroof – that would be nice!