A teaser graphic has gone up on the local Nissan website, with a ‘Can you feel electricity in the air?” tagline being the only thing mentioned, and also that whatever is due to happen is just but five days away.

Chances are it’s the nod to the arrival of the electrically-powered Nissan LEAF, one of the models slated for introduction here this year. Don’t get too excited though, even if this is the case, because the EV isn’t going to be commercially available just yet, as indicated by an earlier report on its planned arrival.

In it, Edaran Tan Chong Motor stated that it will be running a pilot program for the LEAF, in which the vehicle will be used to promote public awareness and be involved in experimental drives with Government bodies, the media as well public audiences. So, you might get to sit in one, but you can’t take it home just yet.