Take a look at the two pictures you see here. The line drawings are from Honda and it is supposed to depict the two concept cars that will be unveiled at the Beijing Motor Show later this month. Incidentally, it is not only the concepts will be introduced but the CR-Z, Insight and Fit Hybrid will also get their debut in the Chinese market.

Honda did not release meaty information about the car other than the concepts will have a ‘focus on Chinese customers’. The first concept obviously has the typical lines of a people mover, the rear end reminds of the Honda Odyssey, so this could be a seven-seater MPV.

The other could either be a sporty model, a coupe perhaps? It is definitely not the Integra, which is now a motorcycle. And it is definitely not the NSX Concept; it will be shown together with the RDX and the ILX in the Acura booth. So, are we seeing the first lines of the Prelude? Or could this be another version of the Accord Coupe Concept as guessed by caradvice.com.au? It’s anyone’s guess at this point.

We will definitely get more information as we creep closer to the start of the Beijing Motor Show. In the mean time, your thoughts please.