Aston Martin hatched three dragons specifically for the 2012 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition. The collection is called the ‘Year of the Dragon’ special edition and it displays Aston Martin’s ability in exceptional personalisation of their cars.

Three cars will get this treatment – DBS Volante, Virage Coupe and V8 Vantage S Coupe. Only 88 Aston Martin cars will be made available for personalisation, making then even more unique. All cars will be built by hand.

Each car will get details, symbols and imagery of the dragon and a 24-carat gold badge will replace the standard one. The Aston Martin cars will also be painted in one of three special colours that correspond with Chinese art.

Also on the floor with the ‘Year of the Dragon’ cars is the One-77, the four-door Rapide customised by ‘Q by Aston Martin’ bespoke service and a DBS cutaway model.

So why is Aston Martin going through all the trouble to try and capture the attention of the Chinese? Simple, they’ll be opening 11 new dealerships in China this year.