Unless the world’s smartest boffins perfect human miniaturisation, it is very unlikely these cars from Toyota will be made. Simple reason: they’re toys.

Toyota has decided to display its latest family-oriented concept vehicle at the 2012 International Tokyo Toy Show. This Toy-ota is called the ‘Camette’ and there are no plans to put this car into production although it is here to promote cars to a future generation of potential drivers.

Should human miniaturisation be perfected, the minute humans can easily customise the vehicle by swapping body panels for panels of other colours or design. So there is no need to drive the ‘same’ car all the time.

There’s also an educational component here. Toyota imagines the simple body structure and components can be used to make familiar the workings of motor vehicles to parents and children.

Three can sit inside in a triangular ‘1+2’ configuration, which Toyota says would create an intimate family driving space while maximising communication. Children can drive this car too, where legal (where is this place?)

While the adult is seated in the right rear seat to assist with steering and braking, the child is able to get into the driver’s seat and operate the car. The pedals and seats are fully adjustable that allows for the child to get into a good driving position. Yes, Toyota’s vision of the future involves plenty of eyebrow raising suggestions. Not a bad thing.

Toyota, at the Toy Show, will display two versions of the Camette – ‘Sora’ and ‘Daichi’.

And speaking of toy cars, remember the Toyota 86 contest we ran a few weeks ago? Well, we have the winners and we’re now finalising the prizes. We will be announcing both when we’ve ironed everything out. Yes, the prize is that awesome.