Did you notice that there was something in the boot of the BMW i3 in yesterday’s post? Well, here it is in all of its unfolded glory. This is the BMW i Pedelac and it lives in the rear cargo area of the i3. In fact, two of them can fit in the i3. Handy when you need to pootle around town with someone.

Essentially, the i Pedelac  (or Pedal Electric Cycle) is a compact concept bicycle fitted with a 42V electric hub motor that generates 250 W and 20 Nm of torque. The battery that goes with the motor is a 42V lithium-manganese (LiMN) battery.

The rider still needs to pedal; the electric motor only assists the rider up to 25 km/h, much like how an electric motor assists to accelerate a hybrid car. Depending on route, rider’s weight and degree of motor assistance, the battery will deliver a range of 25 to 40 km.

And like a hybrid, the battery will recharge itself when riding downhill or under braking. The i Pedelac can also be recharged through a wall socket or inside the boot of the i3. Four hours or 1.5 hours quick charge is all it needs to get the bike juiced up.

What else? The bike gets front and rear disc brakes, three-speed gear hub integrated into the motor and its frame is made out of carbon fibre and aluminium. The bike measures 1,480 mm and has a wheelbase of 1,080 mm, and weighs more than 20 kilograms. i Pedelac rolls on 16 inch wheels.

This city car-city bike concept is not exactly new. Honda has done it before with the Honda Today and Motocompo in the early 80’s. It made a comeback at the recent Tokyo Motor Show too in the form of the Micro Commuter Concept and Motor Compo. Difference between the two besides its looks, you don’t have to pedal the Motor Compo to get going.