If you’re stick-shift-impaired and still want to feel the spunky driving dynamics of the CR-Z, then I have great news for you. Honda has just announced the release of the CR-Z with CVT transmission.

Everything else you knew about the CR-Z is still the same except for its transmission. You may want to refresh your memory to what it has here. But replacing the manual shifter does not mean that you can’t manually shift the gears. The CVT gives you seven pseudo-ratios to play with via the steering-mounted paddle shifters.

I’ve driven the CR-Z with CVT way back then. Handling was superb, held itself well through the sinewy route on one of Japan’s mountains. The power might have felt wanting but the gears banged on easy. However, it is still a CVT so the summoning of power is not as quick as the manual. Obviously.

Honda is asking RM119,000 on-the-road for one, which is dearer than the six-speed manual by RM4,000. The car comes with the usual three-year/100,000 km warranty where as the battery gets a five-year/140,000 km warranty.