You drive your Audi to the Audi service centre and drop it off because it is time to do so. You sign some papers and handover the keys and off you go about your daily business. And from that point on, you’ll have scant idea what will happen to your car.

Well, Audi Cam bridges that gap by turning the mechanics into filmmakers, almost. You see, the technicians have to identify the customer’s car, pinpoint and explain the problems, and then propose a solution – all captured via handheld video camera. Every problem is filmed on individually to ease buffering.

The videos are then uploaded into an exclusive page where only you, Mr. Audi Owner, can view on your computer or smartphone. The clips will also be labeled ‘urgent’, ‘advisory’ or ‘for info’ to give you the idea just how bad the problem is. The price quotation for each job will be given.

On the same page, you can tell the service centre to proceed, reject the work or request for them to call you back to discuss further. There’s a PIN number involved to make the transaction more secure. You can also view the personnel that will be working on your car, so you know who to point your finger to.

It is really a simple solution to prove that there is no monkey business going on in the service bay, giving owners a peace of mind. Too bad this is only for the UK.