Remember the online contest organised by YTL Communications’ Yes brand and Proton? That’s the one with the 4G internet-enabled Proton Inspira worth RM100k as its grand prize. Well, the winners were revealed today at YTL’s Network Operation Centre in Sentul, with engineer Ng Oon-Ee proudly collecting the keys to Malaysia’s first internet-equipped ride.

Contest participants first had to become fans of Yes4G or Proton on Facebook before creating a personalised avatar of themselves and uploading a headshot. They then had to complete a slogan and garner followers on their Facebook walls. 20 people progressed to the final round, from which three winners were selected based on the creativity of their slogans.

The one-off Yes 4G Inspira packs goodies such as a Yes 4G Huddle, three WiFi-enabled iPad 2s, a built-in Sony audio system with Bluetooth, 18-inch alloys and titanium black tinted windows.

Ng, a Proton driver himself, said he uses a Yes Huddle in his current car as he doesn’t have a mobile data plan. The 28-year old added that he was “surprised” and felt “blessed” to have emerged the winner of the contest.

Second and third prize respectively went to Chew Yoong Sen and Yew Hong Tat. Both won a Yes 4G Huddle, a Yes ID Starter Pack and a Valuepack 150, with Chew receiving an additional WiFi-enabled iPad 2.

Proton and Yes say their partnership has enabled them to bring high-speed internet to cars across more than 70% of Malaysia’s populated area, with YTL Communications CMO Reggie Chee adding that the network is ever-expanding.